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2309-2-MyGO!!!!!-Tired-Wholehearted dedication

It's not because of watching MyGO that I feel tired.

Life Journal - Fatigue#

This week is still the same as usual, with no signs of life, and even because of staying up late recently (last week), I felt extremely tired this week. I haven't seen the clock at 8:30 in the morning. Every day, I wake up, wash up, and ride my bike to work, which has exhausted all my energy. Moreover, it rained several times this week, so I had to ride my bike or walk to work with an umbrella.
(However, walking to work is quite nice. It's a rare time when I don't look at electronic devices, and I can always come up with some different ideas.)

Writing Matters#

I tried to write this article in 1.5 hours. It usually takes me four to five hours to write my weekly journal. The problem is not that I have too little to write, but that I have too much to write about and not enough depth. As a result, my articles are filled with all sorts of miscellaneous content, without a good central idea or a clear explanation of specific topics. The material is not about quantity but about quality, and I may not have realized this problem yet. (Spoiler: I ended up spending over four hours writing this article.)

On Wednesday this week, I wrote about a very small concept, the concept of POSIX lines, which is counterintuitive.

But because I documented it, I feel like I will never forget this concept in my life.

I also thought about whether it's too much for me, a 996 startup company employee, to update two articles a week, to the point where I don't even have time to read books. But then I thought, even if I don't update two articles a week, I probably wouldn't use that time to read books anyway. Or maybe, even if I write a monthly report, I would still wait until the last day of the month to spend four hours writing it. From this perspective, I should still push myself to do this. The preparation material during the normal Monday to Saturday process should be more complete, rather than just writing an outline, so that I can relax a bit on Sundays.

Updates on TG Channel#

The TG channel has gained a few more members. I can only console myself and not care about what others think. This channel is filled with various rough, immature, or stupid ideas. I also have very little reading experience, so I can basically be considered as watching monkeys. I am one of those people who lack insight and are unaware.

Recently, I took a look at Yu-chan and other neighbors' channels, and I realized that I missed out on so many things in the past two years. How should I put it, I feel like saying "better late than never". If I had known you two years ago, maybe I wouldn't have fallen to where I am now. I feel like I have been a hermit on the mountaintop for two or even three years.

Progress on Information Flow#

I switched from using Zapier + IFTTT to N8N, mainly because these two software require a paid plan for multiple steps of operation, and they are not flexible enough. For example, I want to use the response value of an API as a trigger, but it is not supported (although it may be possible to use RSSHub to achieve RSSification first). Another thing is that I started using Pinboard, which actually makes me feel more comfortable than Readwise, because it is simpler and I don't need Readwise's reader.

Progress on Tears of the Kingdom#

There was no progress on Tears of the Kingdom this week. It's not because I was addicted to MyGO. I originally planned to go underground this week, but I felt that the underground content was a bit empty and couldn't keep me engaged.

Then, by accident, I clicked on the neighboring game "Fire Emblem: Engage" and quickly started three games, completed Chapter 21, and rescued the old horse. I easily get addicted to SRPG games like this and can't stop playing. I want to try various lineups. To be honest, I think playing Fire Emblem is more enjoyable than Tears of the Kingdom. I may need to reflect on why I feel this way, "How to Fall in Love with The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom". One interesting observation I have now is that if I can't focus on it during work, it means I haven't completely fallen in love with this work. (Spoiler: I often get distracted at work searching for "Bang Bang", it seems that I am deeply in love with MyGO...)


Work Records#

Interpersonal Relationships#

It's difficult to work with peers of the same age. Jealousy arises. It's really stressful, and I feel a bit repressed and depressed when working with them. In the end, everyone fights alone, which is really... (Spoiler: I omitted a thousand words here)

Complaints about Alibaba Cloud#

This week, I was tricked by Alibaba Cloud's CDN + OSS. It should be said that it is not suitable for hosting static pages. As a part-time operations engineer, my work was a big failure.

  1. At first, I couldn't find the index.html, and then it couldn't automatically complete the .html extension.
  2. The content type itself may change for unknown reasons, causing gzip to not work.
  3. After using CDN, the problems became even more troublesome. It's difficult to trigger CDN updates based on OSS updates, so now every time I deploy, I need to run a script to trigger CDN cache updates.
  4. Even Alibaba Cloud's Aliyun CLI is tricky. After using the delete function in the config, the entire Aliyun CLI stopped working and I had to manually clean up the configuration files.

Who Uses the Command Line More#

This National Day, our company's first product will be officially released to the public. Yes, it's an unexpectedly command-line tool. So this question has always been in front of me, "Who uses the command line more".

I have a preliminary answer, those who do things that are too cutting-edge belong to this category. Because their tools have not yet developed to have a GUI, they are updated and replaced. For example, a few years ago, when the front-end field was updating and iterating rapidly, many front-end tools were not compatible with IDEs, so they were replaced by updates. Therefore, there are still quite a few front-end colleagues who use the command line.

Other Thoughts#

Some problems cease to exist when approached in a different way. For example, in "The Balance of God", the choices you make earlier have no meaning because you will change the past and make the stories of those you saved no longer exist. No one will remember that you saved them.

Reading & Works#


I started watching it on the day it ended, and I'm almost shocked at how fast I can watch ACG works. I learned about the IP BanG Dream! for the first time. I didn't have much interest in works related to music before. This one has such a good rhythm that I watched it all at once. I also browse the discussions on forums during work.

"You think it's an easy story about forming a band? You're wrong. It's actually a large-scale youth pain ex-girlfriend literature." Each character has their own flaws, and there are a lot of unexpected twists and turns, which I really enjoyed. The opening theme song is also a spoiler, revealing who will form the band... I like the unpredictable and unpredictable cat-like personality of Rokka. Also, when I watch Aine, I often imagine Aichan's great victory...

The first time I learned about rock music was in "The Greatest Show on Earth" last year, but it was only in MyGO that I learned that a rock band is typically composed of three people: a drummer, a guitarist, and a bassist. It's been a long journey for me. However, unlike "NANA", which I read as a manga, I watched MyGO as an anime, and the performance effect is really different.

But I want to start a topic and dig into "When did anime start featuring plotlines about bands?" The earliest one I know is "The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya".


  1. "2557 Days Together with Hengshui Middle School": I understand that this is the limit of what an ordinary person can do, wholehearted dedication. If it were me, the best path might also be this one.
  2. "A Product That Had to Fail": I listened to this in the Readmoo app. It's about Lin Yutang's "The Merry Typewriter". This is the first time I have heard of this person. There is also a video by He Tongxue, and the comments section was heavily criticized.
  3. Tears of the Kingdom:

Elegant Self-Checklist#

This is mainly the checklist from Elegant Philosophy: Sleep + Keep + Toggl Track

I slept a little longer this week, but because my sleep was so poor last week, I feel like I spent this week catching up on sleep.

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