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About Me - 21st Century Command Line Engineer - v0.2

Hello everyone,

First of all, let me greet everyone at xLog. The reason I chose 《VA-11 Hall-A》 as the first article is because I feel like I have finally found my cyberpunk bar. Yes, it's here at xLog. After working for three years (falling for three years), I have accumulated some scattered nonsense in my notebook. I will post one article here every week (on Wednesdays) and try to make each one more complete.

Character Setting - Plagiarism Monster?

The core personality is to learn from others, which is mainly my personal character setting. Its character setting is to have no character setting, and the main content is change.

  • Different periods will have different personalities: The key is curiosity and adaptability. The common way of thinking is "If it were XXX, what would he do?"
  • Very good at learning from people around him, with strong learning ability. His style is not fixed, and in each period, he has someone he is chasing after. Just like Roxy Lalonde in Homestuck. A character who counterattacks and rises to power with a black belly and scheming? Although a bit dark and twisted, constantly surpassing and changing, full of curiosity is his main line.
  • Has a deceptive nature: Although he often speaks honestly, he often deceives himself (actually belongs to a hidden mental barrier, unable to face the true self).
  • Lacks a sense of responsibility: Instead of a sense of responsibility, he tends to follow his own desires. For example, instead of meeting work deadlines, he tends to procrastinate for a few more minutes.
  • Vain and proud: Excessive unnecessary pride and a bit of paranoid delusion.

As a supplement, niracler should belong to the type of person who desires change but cannot keep up with actions. He often thinks a lot but does little.

Therefore, niracler's core should be a personality compatible with all other personalities. The deceptive nature is correct, as one must deceive oneself before being able to imitate others. However, the lack of a sense of responsibility and the excessive vanity and pride should be conflicting, so these two points need to be changed. (It is not necessarily necessary to change, because the deceptive nature can already cover one's own personality with other personalities)

Skills - Shell Engineer of the 21st Century?

It's hard for me to explain what I do for work. My main job is the development of the open-source project x-cmd, and I have accumulated some shell tricks~~ (As for contributions, I probably have less than 5%, the boss is too strong).

  • GitHub accounts: niracler, padparadsayc
  • The technology stack is quite scattered, and I will gradually supplement it in the future~~

In college, I mainly focused on Python and NLP basics.

Constraints and Commitments - Boomerang🪃?

This is about "maximizing the enhancement of Nen abilities through the public sharing of Nen ability intelligence". Similar to the rules of vows and restrictions in Hunter x Hunter, it is simply a setting where awareness/effort and risks bring enhancements. (Just kidding🤣I often make accurate predictions, but after saying them, I can't do them anymore)

Interests and Hobbies - Mainly ACG?

Generally, it's games, comics, animations, reading, and chatting with others.

In terms of games, I really enjoy playing and I hope to have someone to play with me. However, I instinctively resist competitive games, so I don't play popular competitive games like League of Legends, Honor of Kings, or PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, nor do I play MMORPGs. The games I play the most are cooperative, creative, and management games like Minecraft. In college, I checked the game time on Steam (most of my games are on Steam), and my game time in college was about 300 hours.

  • Nintendo Switch: SW-6834-9780-4695

In terms of comics and animations, I mainly watch them for entertainment purposes, and I don't analyze them in depth. I have watched at least a bit of what others can mention. In high school, I watched over 200 anime series and read over 300 manga series. I haven't kept track of them since college. You can check my records on Douban and Bangumi.

Surprisingly, I may prefer listening to audio. In college, I listened to audio for over 800 hours. This is because my dormitory and the teaching area of the school are a bit far apart, and it takes an hour to commute back and forth three times a day. So I developed a habit of listening to various audio on the way. But if I have classmates with me, I prioritize chatting with them.

In terms of reading, I read about one book per month, but they are generally not technical books. I mainly read more literary classics, which I listen to during the time I mentioned earlier. I listen to Western classics like "A Tale of Two Cities," "Gone with the Wind," "The Metamorphosis," and "Perfume" more often. But in reality, I mainly read for entertainment and don't delve too much into the plots.


  • I buy a Gundam and a Lego model to assemble once a year. I decided to do this when I received my first part-time job salary in school. It's not that I particularly like it, but it's a childhood dream of "wanting to be surrounded by toys," and I think assembling models can help people relax and relieve stress.
  • I want to go to more places and meet different people.
  • I need to have two afternoons or mornings each week for playtime.
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