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Elegant Philosophy-v1

Habits of Life#

  1. Adequate Sleep (8h/day): Insufficient sleep will lead to disadvantages.
  2. Exercise (3.5h/week): It is important to have a healthy body.
  3. Posture Adjustment (avoid leg shaking, maintain correct sitting and standing posture): Temperament is often reflected in words and actions.

Financial Management#

  1. Financial Restraint (purchase day on the 28th of each month): It is necessary to have the correct concept of financial management, not blindly buying things. Control purchases, keep items in the shopping cart for a period of time before making a purchase.
  2. Financial Knowledge: Read several books on financial management. Financial management is a crucial skill.

Dietary Habits#

  1. Cooking for oneself (6 times/week): Only by cooking for oneself can one better control their intake.
  2. Healthy Eating Habits: As the saying goes, "disease enters through the mouth." Avoid eating junk food and beverages.

Learning, Thinking, and Self-reflection#

  1. Responsibility (comment on works that have been read, fulfill promises): For example, comment on each episode of an animation. When we finish watching a work, we should not just turn around and leave, but try to comment on a specific point. Otherwise, many times the works we watch are fleeting, or we can only simply say whether they are good or bad. But do not comment casually, the daily limit for comments is one.
  2. Learn a foreign language: Proficiency in a foreign language, especially English, is a necessary skill for programmers.
  3. Record daily life (write a short diary entry every day): It is convenient for future self to know how foolish they were in the past.
  4. Focus (focus on one thing for a period of time): There are too many things to do, resulting in scattered attention. Whether it's animation, comics, games, books, or study materials.

The following is deprecated ~~

Also, I want to add the principles I previously set but have been unable to follow#

  1. No fast food, sugar, carbonated soft drinks.
  2. Stop electronic devices at 23:30.
  3. One blog per month.
  4. One thing focus at a time, whether anime, comics, games, books, or studying.
  5. All in English when I use Telegram, Twitter, Github, Coding, and so on.

I think I should have more weekly tasks instead of daily tasks, which will help me focus. I hope you know what you are doing.

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