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2308-4-Summer Vacation Ends-Work is No Child's Play

Absurd Philosophy#

I don't know when I wrote this reflection

I have read several books by Camus, from "The Myth of Sisyphus" to "The Stranger" to "The Plague" (of course, the anime "Sunny Boy" from one of the seasons also gave me plenty of ideas). These books have taught me what absurdity is and how to confront it. The world may be incomprehensible as a whole, and our lives may lack meaning as a whole, but there is still sunshine, green trees, music, friends, and work in our lives. These things, even if temporary, can at least provide some value and happiness to our current lives.

Random Thoughts#

Visited home this weekend#

After arriving home, I found that the TV was broken, so I decided to buy a new one. However, the new TV had not been delivered by the time I left home. On the way to order the TV that evening, I had a conversation with my dad about some of the challenges in Chinese society, from the collapse of Evergrande to the difficulties faced by Huawei. We discussed various things. My dad also mentioned that he feels lonely because he has few friends, which seems to be similar to me. So, I suggested that he find some hobbies and try to make new friends with similar interests, just like my mom has a group of friends to dance with in the square.

After having morning tea and taking a nap on Sunday, it was already 4 PM. During morning tea, I talked with the uncles and aunties of my parents' generation and discussed some health issues related to their age. At their age, the shadow of cancer seems to be everywhere. Among the five people sitting at the table, two have had cancer. They showed me a list of their classmates and pointed out which ones had recently passed away. The uncles and aunties on the opposite side are very knowledgeable, and both of their daughters have immigrated through their own efforts. The uncle also mentioned some terms related to cancer treatment, showing that he has a deep understanding of this field.

When I left home, I still felt rushed. The only effect of these two days was probably catching up on sleep and slightly relieving work pressure.

Work is not child's play#

The most important thing at work this week was writing documentation. However, indirectly, I was criticized by my boss for writing "nonsense" documentation that didn't consider the perspective of the readers. My boss was right, I didn't take work seriously, and most of the time I was just slacking off. In addition, my colleagues criticized my articles, saying that there were too many bold parts, which made them look flashy and affected the reading experience. As a result, I started to doubt myself and fell into depression for almost a week. (Spoiler: I'm too sensitive)

However, what really made me feel down was not just these things. The contrast between my colleagues being praised for their work and my own work being criticized, as well as the fact that my xLog articles have never had many views, added to my frustration. I even realized that it was Qixi Festival (Chinese Valentine's Day) after it had passed, but I didn't have any friends to share my emotions with. The accumulation of all these issues eventually led to a breakdown. In the end, I wrote a self-disclosing article, which made me feel a little better.

Next, I plan to take my work seriously and cherish my work time.

Starting to learn more about Typescript#

Besides shell/awk, I mainly use Typescript + Node.js for backend services at work. However, my foundation in this area is not strong enough, so I should brush up on it. Therefore, I plan to go through the following documents in the next two weeks:

What matters#

I find that I never have enough time and there are too many things I want to do. Committing and keeping track of things have been neglected this week. So, I plan to reduce the time I spend on reading manga and only allow myself to read it at home.

Progress in Tears of the Kingdom is worrying#

I have already saved enough money to buy a house, with 2500 rupees, and I have completed the village chief election task. MK2 is also ready and usable, but the battery is not enough and it ran out quickly. Originally, I wanted to complete a temple this weekend, but in the end, I didn't start it. I feel like I can't play this game for more than ten hours in a row. It really feels like it takes 200 hours to finish. I can only limit myself to one hour a day to get some progress.

Increased involvement in communities#

For example, the rsshub community. I want to strengthen my involvement in communities and explore open-source projects on GitHub. I'm also interested in adding content to the "Town Transfer" entry on the Moegirlpedia. This should be one of my future goals.

What did I watch? Or what did I use?#

Works & Products#

I consider myself familiar with the progress of these software

Works & ProductsMediumProgressRatingCritique
My Senpai is AnnoyingManga100%7.5/10I accidentally finished reading it
Eternum ver0.6Game100%7.5/10The character design is good, but it's a game that shouldn't be played
Tears of the KingdomGame15%>9/10Progress is worrying

Elegant Self-Checklist#

This is mainly from the checklist of Elegant Philosophy

This week was a complete breakdown. My sleep was poor every day, and I even forgot why my sleep was so bad. Due to sleep issues, I also neglected exercise. As for tracking, it was similar to last week, but I spent much more time playing games and less time exercising.





Toggl Track#


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