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The sensory experience is much better than the original version, both in terms of plot and story background setting. However, after the childhood sweetheart (fake) passed away and the second male lead appeared, the sensory experience plummeted straight down.

📖 Read "The End of the Harem Fantasia 2" #niracler's Douban activity #read Rating: ★★★☆☆ Tags: Japanese manga Note: Much better than the original in terms of sensory experience, both in terms of plot and story background setting. However, after the childhood friend (fake) dies and the second male lead appears, the sensory experience takes a nosedive. I feel like skipping whenever the second male lead's plot comes up. (Otherwise, it could have been a four-star rating, but just like the original, I can't continue reading after each update~~). The only interesting part is the anti-hero who "almost always fails when things go smoothly." During the power struggle between crawling forces, the male lead makes various clever moves and goes from an imagined three-against-one to an actual one-against-three, which is quite interesting. The antagonistic forces are all smarter than the main character, giving the impression that the author intentionally wanted to show the protagonist's naive thoughts, after all, he's still too young. (I won't mention how he later grows up and still fails miserably~~). It may be that I've seen too many overpowered protagonists in recent years, so watching this kind of plot feels like a breath of fresh air. However, after being almost surrounded by the enemy multiple times, the harem group somehow remains unscathed. PS. My favorite character is the daughter with big eyes from the Kame family, drawn in a strange way but managed to capture my attention. And her defensive magic is really cool. #from_telegram
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