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About shoujo kaisen - I don't want to move, just let it surpass me~

The article has not been typeset and will not be typeset. The visual experience should be very poor, mainly the excerpt records of the past six months (a small part has been extracted)


I spent ten thousand yuan, that's true.

Time Points#

A broken game, unexpectedly using so many time points

  • 8:00: Dragon Vein, operated during morning washing, the key is to see if you can get five times, but it's up to fate, actually depends on whether the main force is present or not
  • 9:00: Just greet the Central Plains, just operate when I first came to the company
  • 12:30: Operate after lunch, just have a mental break, and then use the main force to harvest some mines
  • 17:30: Operate before ordering takeout, this time point can open some mines, try to open more, this time is very suitable for small mines, waiting for them to harvest at night
  • 19:30: Take a break, just have a mental break
  • 21:30: Not necessarily able to operate, leave it to them
  • 22:00: Generally, only the vice C takes this mine, the main C keeps it for the morning.


  1. In my opinion, the most inappropriate thing about this game is being in a hurry. Everything should be saved until the last day and done when the time is right. I shouldn't strive for any rankings. Actually, this game has a dog barking mechanism, that's it. But,
  2. Goal: Star Power Han Xin: About the dark side of this world, and how did I spend these three weeks? I need to save at least 140,000 in order to draw next month. But actually, in twenty days, I can only get forty thousand ingots at most, plus twenty thousand from smashing eggs, so I can save up to 110,000. I really don't want to do anything anymore.


  1. What can drawing Liu Bei bring? How long can it be enjoyable? Isn't it said that ten consecutive draws have human rights? There must be trade-offs. Raising Liu Bei has opportunity costs, it means that your future characters cannot be trained.

Sanada Countermeasures:#

  1. Sanada's damage: s1: 1 2 4 8 16 0; s2: 0 0 4 4 4 4
  2. Bai Juyi in the fifth position, Zhuge Jin in the fourth position, then Sanada will have at most half of his strength.
  3. Put someone a little tanky in the third position, like Fan Zeng, there is no need to be afraid of the first and second positions without damage, just put them randomly.
  4. Normal attacks will hit Zhuge Jin.

Zhao Yun Countermeasures:#

  1. The main goal is to solve the pain points of characters like Fan Zeng who are afraid of Zhao Yun's overflow damage, "no resurrection, no blood lock, and teammates with blood lock".
  2. If Bai Juyi is trained to a higher level and equipped with a halberd for maximum defense, then there is no need to fear the opponent's Zhao Yun. But if the opponent only has Zhao Yun as a C, then no matter how you kill him, you can't kill Bai Juyi.
  3. However, the trick to dealing with Zhao Yun is to place Zhuge Jin in the corresponding position against Zhao Yun, heal with s1 before Zhao Yun attacks, so that Zhuge Jin is not the one with the lowest health, generally speaking, Zhao Yun in the front row will die in the second round.
  4. Your blood lock should be trained to a higher level, so that Zhao Yun won't hurt as much.
  5. If the opponent's Zhao Yun's training level can't keep up, it won't work either. Zhao Yun can only instantly kill characters with the same combat power or slightly higher.

Bai Juyi Countermeasures:#

  1. Characters with stages >= 6 can survive when there is only Bai Juyi on the opponent's side.
  2. If the sum of the stages of two C characters in one round is greater than or equal to 6, but Bai Juyi's Heavenly Aspect evasion is high, you need to remove buffs or target characters that are guaranteed to hit.
  3. The forbidden healing technique prevents the opponent from regaining health, so you can attack Bai Juyi across rounds.


  1. Xiang Yu Countermeasures: In the era of Sanada's dominance, Xiang Yu cannot survive for more than a few rounds without small fish.
  2. Zhuge Jin Countermeasures: Kill his teammates, or wait for a longer period of vulnerability, or use intelligence-based group elimination.
  3. Cao Cao Countermeasures: Zhang Liang

Activity Tips (for reference only)#

The following are the suggestions we gave to Yuzu Chef when he had 90,000 ingots

  1. Phase 1: Start with two sets of ten consecutive draws, then open a bag after each set, and then exchange at each level of the exchange floor. After exchanging, there will be about 120 levels.
  2. Phase 2: After exchanging the floors, keep using ingots until it reaches 50,000, and keep exchanging for the 5888 box during the process.

Summary: Except for the Great Dan and three-star souls, Star Cores, Soul Stones, Soul Refinement, and Special Weapon Upgrades, there are more of these in this lucky bag event.

==> As a result, Yuzu Chef used 26,000 ingots to reach over 1000 levels (the guaranteed box rolling is about 40,000 ingots and 720 levels). But you can wait for the egg smashing before starting, it is not recommended for students below 35,000 ingots to roll, wait until after the egg smashing.

Actually, this suggestion is to get 360 special dan, and the probability on paper is the same. I suspect that tomorrow's Monopoly game, do you have 100,000 ingots? If there is a divine assistant, you can send it.

Let me synchronize it with you, although you shouldn't have missed it, but we can compare answers.


Stars 61-64 have an agreement and cannot touch each other's True White mines. Your mine is 5-1, please join your alliance's QQ group and confirm. If you have any problems with the negotiation, you can find me, but I may not reply immediately, usually within 24 hours. Or you can add this intermediary *****, he coordinates the Star groups in several districts.
Each Star has their own fixed mine position, as long as your fixed mine position has True White, it will not be taken by others (so you don't have to worry about opening five times), and for other mine positions that you see are not True White, you can use your generals other than True White to harvest.
Each person can reserve a ten times mine once a week for 2-4, 3-4, or 4-4 (mainly to use up the free opportunity).
Every Tuesday, we will rank the mine positions based on the combat power of each district. This period's ranking has not been released yet, so you can use my previous 2-6.
High availability: Gong Sunzan's UR, as well as Guan Cao, lottery dan, equipment.

The countermeasures mentioned here are for opponents with the same combat power.

They are not necessary characters, training them will not have much impact on the current situation.







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