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2406-1-Chongqing Tourism-Passing through the Gate of Bode

It may also be because my threshold of expectations has been infinitely raised by the richness of the cyber world. In fact, this trip did not bring me much surprise, so it is difficult for me to say where I am very excited when writing this travelogue.

Chongqing Travel#

There are some places I didn't go to, to be precise, it's not a complete tour of Chongqing, but a tour of Yuzhong. The farthest two places, from Dazi Stone Old Street to Ciqikou Old Street, are more than ten kilometers away and half an hour's drive.

CleanShot 2024-06-09 at 16.57.25@2x.png

Jiefangbei & Bayi Snack Street#

The first stop is Jiefangbei. If you visit Yuzhong District in Chongqing, it is almost the center of all attractions. It is seven zhang seven chi high, corresponding to the July 7th Incident. Now this monument has been surrounded by nearby high-rise buildings, and it used to be quite tall more than eighty years ago. But now, besides taking a photo of this monument, there is nothing interesting to see in the surrounding business district.

Next to it is Bayi Snack Street. As lunch, we ate some food here. However, as a person from Guangdong, I can't eat this kind of food with a high oil and salt content. I had some pig intestines and cold noodles. It's not particularly authentic, and there are also oysters. (I remember a former colleague of mine who went to Guizhou on a business trip and often went to eat Zhanjiang oysters. It's a sign of homesickness)

(At first, Jiefangbei was not called Jiefangbei, but Anti-Japanese War Memorial Monument, used to commemorate the Anti-Japanese War. After the end of the Liberation War, it was renamed Jiefangbei)

Mountain City Trail#

Mainly experienced various houses on the mountain? Experience the mountainous characteristics of Chongqing.

It was almost 35 degrees that day, so the experience was not very good. I felt dizzy and almost heatstroke while walking. It's unexpectedly hot, it's hard to imagine how hot Chongqing would be in July and August.

(I didn't take any good photos, so I'll use this photo of the Yangtze River Bridge taken on the trail)

Shiba Ti#

Did I make a mistake buying souvenirs in the scenic area? Yes, I bought some food souvenirs here and had them shipped directly to my home.

But it was also here that I truly experienced why Chongqing is called the "Mountain City". When I thought I had reached the top of the mountain, I realized that there was another ground on the mountaintop~~

(I originally planned to buy souvenirs when I went down the mountain, but I was stopped by the clerk. It turned out that I could go directly to the mountaintop without going down the mountain)

Liziba Light Rail Station#

Liziba Light Rail Station is famous for its unique design. The light rail passes through the building, becoming a popular attraction in Chongqing.

Yes, I accidentally came here on the first day. The original plan was not to come here today. The original plan was to come here before Jiefangbei the next day. But because it was too hot today and I didn't want to stay outdoors, I went straight to the light rail station and headed for Liziba.

(Actually, Liziba Station has turned into a five-story shopping mall, all selling souvenirs)

Lan Yu Chongqing Hot Pot - Raffles - Chaotianmen Square#

This is a hot pot restaurant inside Raffles. Even on weekends, there are very few people. The environment is really good, after all, it is a hot pot restaurant in a commercial area, the air conditioning and atmosphere are very good. However, it doesn't feel very authentic, and the price is not cheap. Especially, we shouldn't have ordered the Meituan set meal, it packed a lot of things we don't like to eat~~

Chaotianmen Square is the intersection of the Jialing River and the Yangtze River. This place is the most visited place for me these days. Then it started raining, and I went back to the hotel to rest.

(It was going to rain that day, and the opposite is Chongqing Grand Theatre)

Hongya Cave#

Hongya Cave, originally named Hongya Gate, is one of the ancient gates of Chongqing City, with a history of more than 2300 years. It has witnessed the development and changes of Chongqing and was once a major attraction of Chongqing's military fortress and city.

When the rain was not so heavy, we started walking in slippers to Hongya Cave. But it was crowded even when it was raining, it was really crowded.

(I guess when I post this picture, it will be a time when Hongya Cave is criticized. Haha🤣, my photography skills are really bad)

People's Great Hall + Three Gorges Museum#

Then, it's the story of the second day. My college classmate and his girlfriend also came to Chongqing to play. We met at Guanyinqiao in the afternoon.

These two places are almost together. The Three Gorges Museum can be visited for a long time. Each floor has several themes, a total of four floors. It should take about two hours to visit.

(Refueling from Kacoolman)

Eling Park#

Eling Park is divided into two areas, Eling and Fotuguan. It has many famous attractions, such as Eling Monument, Rong Lake, and Sheng Bridge, as well as rich cultural relics and inscriptions. The Overlooking Tower is a seven-story tower-like building in the park, with an elevation of 380 meters, providing an excellent view of the city and the two rivers (Yangtze River and Jialing River).

Actually, I think it's similar to the park near my home🤣. It was originally a private garden of the wealthy businessman Li Yaoting, really rich.


Eling Second Factory#

Eling Second Factory, also known as Er Factory Cultural and Creative Park, is located at No. 1 Eling Zheng Street, Yuzhong District, Chongqing. It is a model that perfectly combines industrial relics with artistic atmosphere. Its predecessor was the "Central Bank Printing Factory" in the Republic of China period, later renamed "Chongqing Printing Second Factory", and was once the largest printing enterprise in the Southwest region.

The movie "The Continent" was actually filmed here, but I haven't seen it.

It used to be a factory? A popular place for young people to take photos, but I didn't resonate with it. It seems that I am not a young person.



I actually came here to see Guzi Shop. Coincidentally, a college classmate also came to Chongqing to play, so I went with them to Guzi Shop. I feel like we visited the largest Guzi Shop cluster in Chongqing, and there was also a square dance activity. But after visiting Guangzhou's Animation Star City and Shanghai's Bailian ZX, I feel they are all a bit similar.

(No, Levi, I don't want to go to Paradis Island)

Xuan Hot Pot#

This one is really spicy, but I didn't feel dry after eating it. The environment is not good at all, but it is very authentic. This is the real Chongqing hot pot. Now that I'm back home, I really want to go again.

(I realized I was eating hot pot while eating mung bean paste after I finished eating~~)

(I was eating hot pot and mung bean paste at the same time, and I didn't notice it~~)

Chongqing Grand Theatre#

This location is just opposite Hongya Cave, so the effect of taking pictures of Hongya Cave is quite good.


Qiansimen Jialing River Bridge#

This is a bridge that spans the Jialing River. My legs were shaking when I walked across it.

(View of the Jialing River from the bridge)

(View of Hongya Cave from the bridge)

Liangjiang Ferry + Dazi Stone Old Street + Longmenhao Old Street + Yangtze River Cableway#

On the morning of the third day, we took the Liangjiang Ferry to the other side of the river. It felt good. Dazi Stone Old Street and Longmenhao Old Street were just passers-by, they have become commercial streets completely.

(Let me show you the simple Hongya Cave during the day)

Chongqing 1949 Stage Play#

After coming down from the cableway, we went straight to the 1949 Grand Theater.

Since I learned about this rotating stage play in "The Boy and the Beast," I happened to see it in Chongqing.

The rotating stage and the audience seats used for scene changes are really innovative, it can be called a theater spectacle. But as for the plot, I fell asleep on the spot and only remembered the love and hatred between the three brothers.

It's toxic, I couldn't hear a few lines clearly throughout the whole process, the sound was too noisy, a bit like a market. But I didn't have much expectation to begin with, I just wanted to experience the rotating stage.

Also, my seat was too far forward and too close to the edge. I should have paid ¥300 to sit in the middle and middle rows (the tour group is really good, they occupied all those positions)


Chunhong Hot Pot#

Didn't feel very spicy? But this place is really popular and really cheap. It's very popular, we queued for 40 minutes and ate until 9 o'clock in the evening, and there were still continuous queues (even though it was Monday, a workday). And we ate outdoors. I think it's quite cheap, three of us ate for 170.

(Sorry, sorry, no good photos)

Huguang Guild Hall#

Originally, this was supposed to be visited on the first day, but on the first day, we went to Liziba and didn't pass by here. But it's only 500 meters away from the hotel where we stayed, so we came here on the last day.


And then, goodbye Chongqing#

Finally, we ate at Lan Yu Chongqing Hot Pot again for lunch and went back. We ate hot pot four times on this trip.

(The first thing I did when I got home was to take the battery and send it to SE2 to replace the battery)

Afterword - Completed "Baldur's Gate 3"#

I'm not very good at taking photos, and I don't have enough cultural knowledge to introduce the attractions. This trip actually feels like I missed a lot of things, but so what, just like what the gravekeeper said to us when we completed "Baldur's Gate 3."

"If you can only see the path of fate that has not yet been stepped on, your mind will collapse. Be glad for the path you have chosen. After all, it belongs entirely to you."


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