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2312-2-It's better to work than to worry.

Recently, I have been busy with many things, and this week's report is also written in a messy manner. I will start writing the year-end summary next week, and I will probably send it out around New Year's Day.

Records about Life#

  • Money Management: I started using YNAB and finally realized how much of a spendthrift I was before. Then this week, I almost placed an order for a Pixel 5 and a Cloudflare Pro package. I still need to deal with my dad's phone, the monitor at home, and Vectorize. Maybe I can use the monitor with a partially broken screen. As for the phone and pro package, I can wait until the 28th to purchase them together. They can be added to my to-do list. Before ordering Cloudflare Pro, I need to learn how to use embedding and vector databases. And before ordering the Pixel 5, I need to figure out the performance differences between phones.
  • 100 Follow List: I reorganized and filtered my follow list. The people around a person and the tools they use to some extent reflect their level and taste. It seems that the ACGN component accounts for more than 70%. The cyberpunk component is estimated to be around 90%.
  • Maintenance of Interpersonal Relationships: I also tried to "establish and maintain sustainable interpersonal relationships".
  • Duolingo Vocabulary: Let's learn a little bit every day.
  • Telegram Bot: I optimized the function of forwarding Telegram messages to Twitter, and now it finally has some practical value. This weekend, I will also export my Telegram data, then vectorize and store it in a database for possible related queries. After all, the content of my work at the company is also related to this, so I might as well explore it in advance.

My Game of the Year - "Fire Emblem: Engage"#

Since "Baldur's Gate 3" was named the Game of the Year at TGA this year, what about my Game of the Year? The day before yesterday, I checked my Switch records. I found that the time I spent playing "Tears of the Kingdom" is incomparable to "Engage". I thought I didn't enjoy "Engage" enough, but I have already played it for 140 hours. On the other hand, I planned to play "Tears of the Kingdom" for three months, but I didn't have the motivation to continue. It seems that there are differences between games, and some games can attract me better. However, I wonder if it has something to do with the fact that I need to sit up straight when playing "Tears of the Kingdom"? Obviously, I prefer to play games lying down, but the handheld version of "Tears of the Kingdom" doesn't have good effects.

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Controversial Opinions#

Differences Between Videos, Audios, and Books#

I recently realized the difference between listening to books and reading books, which lies in the control of pauses and speed. Just like watching a movie, we expect to finish it within three hours, but when you read a book, you can never predict if you can finish it in 10 hours. It may be a textbook, which, although not thick, contains a huge amount of knowledge that may take a lifetime to read.

There are also significant differences between different movies. When we talk about movies in general, we usually refer to popular movies with strong entertainment value. However, documentaries may take longer to watch, and you may need to watch them again after the first time. In a broader sense, for example, if you watch a C++ tutorial for 10 hours, you may not even learn one-fifth of its content in 10 hours.

Therefore, there is also a phenomenon. I read manga so quickly that I often forget the sequence of events and relationships between them. (The speed of reading one volume in 20 minutes)

The problem lies in the uneven density of content in works, while videos and audios smooth out the content of traditional books to make them more acceptable.


Listening to "Steve Jobs Biography"#

I have been preparing to read it since before college, but I never got around to it. So why am I reading it now? It's because I feel that my leader and he are very similar in many ways, especially in terms of "reality distortion field". I really like this term, it's like "if you believe you can do it, then you can actually do it".

When I propose a viewpoint, he is likely to strongly oppose it. Then after a while, he will come up with a similar viewpoint. And at that time, I would say, "I already mentioned it before," and then he would say, "What you said and what I said are not the same idea, this is actually XXXX." In the face of the concept of "wanting to accomplish something," face is actually not important. Or should I say it's worthless. And I am the one who was abandoned by the modern Steve Jobs.

It is worth noting that this book has a total of 450,000 words, and I have only listened to 1/4 of it in a week. (Mainly listened to it while eating)

Avoid Using Screenshots When Asking Questions#

  • Discouraging the use of textual screenshots in questions - Physics Meta Stack Exchange

    I’m personally fine with a comment like “please properly typeset the text of your question as soon as possible else it is subject to closure for lack of effort” or some variation on this theme.
    I personally like comments like "please properly typeset the text of your question as soon as possible else it is subject to closure for lack of effort" or some variation on this theme.
  1. Accessibility: Screenshots are not easy to read for people with visual impairments because they cannot use screen readers.
  2. Copy and Paste: Text can be directly copied and pasted, while screenshots require manual input.
  3. File Size Efficiency: Text is more file size-efficient than screenshots, especially when storing them in a git repository.
  4. Machine Readability: Text can be processed and analyzed by AI, and can be well indexed by search engines. Screenshots cannot.

Miscellaneous Reading Records#

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