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2310-3- Escape to Another World - The Third Path


Cover: "The Buried Fleurian". It's the first time I felt that the animation I watched had such high quality. From now on, I'll try to watch downloaded sources whenever possible.

Life Record#

"202310-2-Toradora-Start Action" has been deleted by me. In the past two weeks, I haven't done much besides work because the company's product has entered the public testing phase, and there are many bugs to fix and many designs to adjust. So it took me two weeks to write this weekly journal.

I will also try to write some articles introducing command-line tools, which will also involve the use of x-cmd, and it will also serve as a practice for the company's documentation. It's rare to have a personal KPI that aligns with the company's KPI. (Spoiler: It's not because I want to ride on the traffic of the company's project.)

I have been worrying about the promotion of the company's project, but after thinking about it, if I write some introductions in my own name, it might be easier and less restrictive. It will help me open up my writing ideas and also allow me to think more deeply about whether there are any design issues. The following is the repository of our project, everyone is welcome to star it.

For example, by running the following two sentences, you can see the help documentation of our various modules. (Spoiler: Although many details are still rough, the functionality is sufficient.)

eval "$(curl"


(Below is a one percent feature demonstration, everyone can look forward to it)


Escaping to Another World#

Recently, I caught up on "Toradora!" and "Zero no Tsukaima," both of which are animations from more than a decade ago. They are works from my elementary and middle school days.


A pure school romance story, with a pentagonal love. No other world, no swords and magic, just school, youth, and love.

I knew about this work ten years ago, even though it was released fifteen years ago. Now that I'm actually watching this work, it's not so much about the plot. What comes to me is a suffocating feeling of irreversibility and a sense of lost youth.

Although I still feel like I'm still so naive, still so "ignorant." But when I watch this work again now, who should I discuss the plot with, who should I discuss the characters with? There is no outlet for emotions.

(Just looking at this cover gives a sense of nostalgia)


Zero no Tsukaima#

Sometimes, before the author dies, their work dies first.

Ten years after the author's death, I finished watching four seasons of the anime in one day. It turns out that "F" stands for "final." There are loopholes everywhere, and the plot is outrageous. But as someone who experienced it back then, I can still accept it.

Watching this work is like reading the diary of a dear friend I didn't know and who has already passed away. I haven't met him, but his obituary is right in front of me. If I had been following this series back then, I should have been very happy. I always thought that this story was still ongoing, even if the story ended, the author might still be writing other works.

For someone like me who reads manga in daily life, it is a rare experience for a work to end. Especially when the author has also "ended" the work, it can no longer be called "in their lifetime."

I can't say irresponsible things like "Some people are dead, but they are still alive." Just as there are no two identical leaves in the world, every work in the world has its irreplaceable aspects. I can no longer know what happens to Louise and Saito after this, and I can no longer look forward to a fifth season. Whether it is someone else continuing the story or me imagining it, it is no longer their true story.

A work is like another life of the author, defining another soul of the author. The author's period is also the period of the work, and the period of the work is the period of the author.

I know what kind of emotion this is now. In the past, I might have said it was the expectation of "in their lifetime," but if the author is already dead, this expectation cannot continue. Although some works have ended, their authors are still writing other works, and at this time, I may still have a glimmer of hope, fantasizing that the story of that world is still continuing.


The Story We Started#

I found that ACG (Anime, Comic, and Games) is the story we started. Most works, in our eyes, are either "unfinished" or "possibly having sequels." But in fact, this is just a coincidence. As time goes by, various authors will pass away. Their works will eventually end. Although it is satisfying to wait for a work to finish and then binge-watch it, I actually prefer predicting the plot with friends while it is being serialized.

But recently, my friends have been saying that I'm too immersed in the world of anime.

L: Now I want to tell you to reduce the immersion and try different types of things. It will be better.
L: It's too troublesome to describe the reasons, you can think about it yourself.
ME: I also feel like I need to quit.
L: You know what I mean.
ME: It's pure alcohol, I "drink" it every day after work.
L: Similar, but not the same. Some people use it as output. That's a sommelier. Introducing all kinds of wine to the audience. So it's not just pure drinking.

Works & Overall Ratings?#

"The Revenge in Displacement": I watched it for about 3 hours and realized that this is the first time in my life that I have read such a non-dramatic historical story outside of class. Maybe I don't like history at all? But it's nice to force myself to read books that I wouldn't normally read.

Work & Product NameMediumProgressRatingComment
Interstellar MomentMovie100%7Sorry, the scenes of anal fighting, sausage hands, and fighting with fake genitals made me feel a bit nauseous.
Yuusha HerukusuManga100%7I watched it with a sense of guilt, so the overall experience was not good.
Ikenie no KenManga100% (Ongoing)8Slightly more relaxed, Amber is so cute.
The Revenge in DisplacementBook100%8How great and how small the heroic figures are in the historical process.
Toradora!Anime100%9A pure school romance story, with a pentagonal love. No other world, no swords and magic, just school, youth, and love.
Zero no TsukaimaAnime100%7.5There are loopholes everywhere, and the plot is outrageous. But as someone who experienced it back then, I can still accept it.

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The weekly journal I wrote in the end is still so messy. Recently, I have been writing some things, I will introduce them later.


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