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2309-4-Start of National Day holiday-Dragon's Tears-Rational Evaporation

This is also a record of some trivial matters in life. When I actually started writing this weekly journal, the National Day holiday had already ended. But this National Day was actually quite fulfilling, and it really allowed me to relax well. (Not just watching a few movies)

Life Record - Start of National Day Holiday#

This record unfolds along the timeline, with work in the first half of the week and the National Day holiday in the second half. Unlike previous years, this time I went straight home and didn't travel elsewhere, staying at home the whole time. In previous years, I would go to comic conventions or other places. Maybe it's because I was too tired this year, so I decided to go home and relax for a while.

Monday - Taking a Day Off#

Because I was too tired from last weekend, I took a day off. But even though I took the day off, I didn't do anything. I just played a chapter of Fire Emblem in the morning. I felt like I was daydreaming the whole day and couldn't recover from exhaustion.

Tuesday - Working#

Focused on work. The work content is "secret".

Wednesday - Going Home#

  • To avoid peak travel, I went home in the afternoon. It happened to be my mom's birthday, and it seemed like the first time in years that I celebrated her birthday on the actual day. We had a meal together. I finally remembered my mom's birthday, which is two days before the Mid-Autumn Festival.
  • Gave my dad the iPhone SE2. My dad has two WeChat and QQ accounts, and he couldn't use dual apps elegantly on his previous Xiaomi phone. It was another day that shocked me with advertisements for Android phones, so I gave him my old iPhone SE2 and let him experience the iOS system. But because this phone is a US version iPhone, it needs a US SIM card to unlock it and then use other SIM cards. (I haven't solved this problem yet, so my dad is using it without inserting a SIM card).

Thursday - IPTV - Tears of the Dragon#

  • Went to the business hall in the morning to upgrade the broadband package at home to fiber optic and added IPTV service. China Unicom's 90 yuan package includes 500M broadband, 3 phone cards with 50G data, and IPTV. On the other hand, China Mobile's 78 yuan package only has around 20G data. China Mobile is really disappointing. But in the end, I messed up this matter. I didn't know that there are multiple service options for IPTV, and the one I chose only includes CCTV and satellite TV channels, without the local Guangdong live channels.
  • Organized the previous article about writing articles and published it, completing the KPI for publishing articles on Wednesday. After that, I didn't write a single word during this holiday at home.
  • Triggered the Tears of the Dragon storyline in "The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild" for the first time. When I opened the saved game, I happened to be standing in front of a Tears of the Dragon point, and when I entered, I saw the images sent by Zelda from the past. This made me realize the role of Tears of the Dragon as the main storyline, which is to complete the story of Zelda's timeline.
  • Worked and had a meeting until 1 a.m.. There were some urgent tasks that needed to be completed before the National Day holiday, but in the end, I chose to postpone them and deal with them after the holiday. During this time, I played "The Venomous Tongue Lawyer" for my parents. They got sleepy while watching, so we left half of it for the next day.

Friday - Mid-Autumn Festival#

  • Collected all the Tears of the Dragon and unlocked the full map. It turned out that I was feeling frustrated in the game because I hadn't been following the main storyline and missed the Tears of the Dragon main quest. But what surprised me even more was that this was the only connection I had with "The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild" during this holiday. After that, I didn't touch the game again. The goal of this holiday was originally to conclude my research on "The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild" and write a series of articles called "Scenic Views of the Hyrule Continent".
  • Had a feast at home and ate crabs. I bought the crabs myself, and for the first time, I remembered the differences between different types of crabs. Autumn is the season for eating crabs, and I had them twice during this holiday.
  • Watched "La La Land" in the evening. My parents said they couldn't stand English movies, so I found a foreign movie with an easy-to-understand plot. The male protagonist in the movie joins a modern jazz band, which reminds me of MyGO!!!!! and NANA. It's really something.

(I see dead people)



  • Installed the internet cable in the morning and found that the installed IPTV didn't meet expectations. In the afternoon, I went to the business hall again to apply for a new IPTV service. I'll get an Apple TV during the Spring Festival holiday. I don't want to deal with so many issues anymore.
  • Watched the first 4 episodes of "Furilien's Funeral". The opening theme of Furilien unexpectedly became popular in this way, and there are now many fan-made videos of the Furilien opening theme on Bilibili. It seems that everyone wants to forget and give it a new opening theme. When I first clicked on the video, I was a bit confused, but I couldn't pinpoint what was wrong. It was only after reading other people's comments that I realized, "In a story where both the enemy and the protagonist have poker faces and are super calm, there is a sudden burst of electronic dance music in the opening theme." It's really impressive, and even so, I still quite like this work. By the way, I found that the animation is missing two details compared to the manga. The first detail is that the hero's room 50 years later is older than the surrounding city houses, probably to make sure Furilien can still recognize it when she comes back. The second detail is that the stones thrown by Philen are actually bigger and farther than they appear. These two details are missing key shots in the animation, which I think is a bit of a pity.
  • Watched "The Revenant" in the evening. My dad said it was a horror movie, so he must have been scared. It's no wonder it's a work that won Leonardo DiCaprio an Oscar. His performance was so real that people outside the screen could feel the pain. The most memorable part for me was the Native American who saved the protagonist's life, who died so casually. It was my second time watching it, but there were still many parts of the story that I couldn't understand. I realized that I lacked knowledge of the history of the founding of the United States, and I couldn't understand how the conflict between white people and Native Americans escalated step by step after they arrived in America. This history is probably well-known in the United States and the West, so I always feel like something is missing in this play.

(Search results for "Furilien OP" on Bilibili)


Sunday - National Day#

  • Had morning tea with relatives: Mainly chatted with relatives, but I don't really have much to talk about with them. I just realized that after working for three years, I haven't met any of my high school classmates in person. It's really, whenever I go home, I basically stay at home and don't go out.
  • Started playing "Baldur's Gate 3": I played "Baldur's Gate 3" for four consecutive afternoons from the 1st to the 4th. A lot of interesting things happened during that time. I'll write about it in the next weekly report. Actually, I think the best experience for this kind of game is to have an experienced player guide us. I really know nothing about the world of DND. At the beginning, when I encountered an NPC's death, I planned to reload and save them, regardless of whether they were good or bad. I'm just too much of a goody-two-shoes. But compared to me, there are actually people who don't invite Shadowheart to join the party, which is really hard to understand. And there are some characters that I should have killed, and it turns out that goblins are actually kobolds.

Some Thoughts#

Why do I like characters in works?#

I started this topic because of this cool character, Dana, the bar owner in "VA-11 Hall-A". I wanted to say that I really like this character, but then I thought, why do I like fictional characters so much? Does this have something to do with the definition of distance creating beauty? Nowadays, even fictional characters can cause a sensation, it's really amazing. (For details, please refer to the 2.5th Enlightenment Event)

Of course, the most crucial thing in this matter is me. I think the key point is that I like an abstract person rather than a specific person.

Actually, this question indirectly asks myself, why do I escape from reality? I have always escaped into the virtual world of the internet and haven't paid much attention to the people around me. Liking a specific person means you have to endure. I just opened up a question, but I haven't had the energy to think it through.



  1. Musk's Hardcore Server Migration: People who live around geniuses go crazy for their ideas. Whether it's reading about Oppenheimer, Jobs, Musk, or my boss, I feel that geniuses have this kind of constitution.
  2. How to Improve Parents' Understanding: This has always been a problem that has troubled me. The only improvement during this holiday was getting them to accept foreign movies.
  3. Does the "beep" sound of pedestrian traffic lights in Hong Kong have any practical effect? Why is it not widely used in mainland China? - Zhihu: While I was on my way to the business hall, I stared at the traffic lights. It suddenly occurred to me that the beeping sound of the traffic lights in Hong Kong is for the visually impaired. I have gradually realized some things that I didn't realize before.

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