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Even the weekly journal was a mess this week.


  • Bought the AcHobby pillow, it will arrive in a month.
  • Bought Tao Tao Ju's lava mooncakes and sent them back home. For the past two years, I've been having snow skin durian mooncakes, so this time I wanted to try something different and haven't had lava mooncakes before. I chose Tao Tao Ju because I can't afford Hong Kong mooncakes.
  • My mind is still filled with various memorable scenes from MyGO. After watching this video, I realized that this whole thing wasn't actually a coincidence, they've been working hard for a long time. 【Discussion】How did the Lost Star come into the world? Talking about the story behind the MyGO project_Bilibili


  • Started to worry about what content to write for my article this Wednesday.
  • Also don't know what I did at work, I'm such an incompetent employee...


  • After much deliberation, I decided to write a review of Fire Emblem: Three Houses. I'm really not good at writing this kind of review and introduction articles. It's difficult to come up with my own unique perspective based on what others have already written.
  • Writing the article seriously affected my work progress, I spent the whole day procrastinating and gathering materials for the Fire Emblem: Three Houses review. But it's because this game holds so many memories for me, so there's almost an endless amount of topics to write about.
  • Received the light novels I bought over a month ago. Two copies of "No Game No Life" and one copy of "Goodbye Eri".
  • I understand that I need to redefine my plans and direction.



  • I gradually realized the current sense of dissonance. My weekly articles should align with my monthly Random goals. Right now, each week I write about a new topic, which is too fragmented.
  • The day ended with a 4-hour meeting with the boss. It was mainly about how to achieve success in our business.
  • Yes, I am wasting my freedom by using it to procrastinate every day. Coming here every day has become like being in prison, and that itself is a problem.
  • After the meeting, I stopped thinking and started reading "No Game No Life 12". Reading these books is really relaxing and enjoyable, but it's hard to empathize with the story of a game-centered life. After all, the protagonist is quite overpowered.


  • After being injected with some motivation by the boss, I finally managed to change my habit of waking up late in the morning and even did some exercise.
  • Still can't remember what work I did. I only remember that every time I pick up my phone, what I end up doing is different from what I actually intended to do. It happens every day, quite often.
  • I finally understand what internal conflict means. What I'm experiencing is internal conflict, and it has been going on for over a year. In fact, you can tell a person's state from their posture at work, such as leaning forward or leaning back. Leaning back is a clear sign of a "giving up" mentality (like me), while leaning forward indicates a focused state when doing something.



  • Finished reading "No Game No Life 12", but there's still no entry for this book on Douban. I submitted a request to add an entry for this book on Douban for the first time. The cover was scanned on the spot.
  • It's really amazing that every time I read "No Game No Life", I enjoy it so much and it always inspires me mentally. I can finish it in a day or two, and it's strange that when I truly focus on reading a book, time seems to pass unexpectedly slowly. It's a feeling of time being fulfilled.
  • Decided to go out for a walk on the weekend, so I booked a ticket for the movie "Aobenheimer".



  • Spent the morning playing Fire Emblem: Heroes, couldn't pass a single level, it was a disaster.
  • In the afternoon, after watching "Aobenheimer", it felt like I had eaten a piece of compressed biscuit in my brain. After watching it, I still wanted to watch it again.
  • Watching a movie is different from reading a book or studying. Movies leave a deep impression on me. I'm considering getting a movie card and watching a movie every week. But it's probably difficult to find four movies I want to watch in a month. It would be great if movie theaters could show documentaries on demand.


This week went by as fast as ever, to the point where I forgot what I did. This is the first time I've written a journal in this completely stream-of-consciousness style. I originally thought that the National Day holiday was coming up, and I would write after returning home. But I can't let myself off the hook.

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