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Personal Information Flow Planning Draft - The Importance of Principles over Techniques#

I have been thinking about information flow planning for quite some time now. The multiple additions, deletions, and reconstructions of RSS feeds are the best reflection of this. However, what truly triggered me to think about this issue was when I started writing blog posts on xLog. Especially after reading Airing's "WJ.16: Personal Information Flow Sharing - Airing" and Pseudoyu's "Personal Information Acquisition and Knowledge Management System (Heptabase + Logseq + Readwise)", I felt that I needed to take this matter seriously (spoiler: I am very grateful for giving me the courage to do so). So, this week, I spent a lot of time thinking about this issue, even taking up some work time.

I could simply replicate Airing and Pseudoyu's solutions, but I believe that I need to first understand my own needs.

Let me give you an example: Recently, our company started writing product introduction articles, and my colleagues in the marketing department couldn't grasp the key points of article formatting. So, I casually shared the Minimalist Writing Style Guide from Shaoshupai, allowing them to refer to this formatting solution. However, in this situation, I was being lazy in my thinking and subconsciously gave up on considering "the formatting requirements for our product introduction documents". Without understanding my own needs, I cannot simply copy someone else's solution. Yes, you should look at more solutions from others, but what's more important is to understand your own needs and how their solutions address those needs.

At this point, let's reiterate this biblical sentence:

To create good design, one must first observe carefully. What is it like, why is it like that, and how can it be improved? Bring these three questions to everything you see every day, and over time, you will be able to observe carefully.

Current conclusion: I don't have enough knowledge and time to handle this matter yet. It cannot quickly converge to a level that satisfies me, so I need more time. I have decided to endure it for now, add this matter to my Random list, and prioritize it with the highest weight (100). First, I will focus on handling the key tasks for this month, "Tears of the Kingdom". Then, I will strive to completely sort out and plan the personal information flow planning matters next month.

(The following two images are my current needs and the draft of the planning)



Tears of the Kingdom Week 6 - Wind Temple#

This week, I almost went to the Thunder Temple and died a few times, making me question my life choices. I heard that it is the most difficult temple, but luckily, I was stopped by a neighbor from the tg community. They recommended starting from the top left and going clockwise, and also taught me some tricks.

After the preparations in the previous weeks, things have been going smoothly now. Thanks to my experience in the Water Temple, I was able to complete it quickly. Additionally, the various temples in different locations are like gameplay tutorials. However, even though it's already the sixth week, I still haven't reached 60 H, which is far below my previous expectations. I guess I can't be as invested if it's not an SRPG. But also, writing articles has taken up a lot of my time.

Next week, the goal should be underground exploration, and it should be no problem to light up more lamps.


Telegram Channel of an Intelligence Weakling - Maybe a Rough Idea, but It Needs to Be Said#

I was surprised to find that there are actually a few people reading my channel and even giving likes. So, I gradually felt that the quality of the channel should be improved a bit. The content of my channel feels like sifting through sand, where there may be some praiseworthy content at times, but most of the time it is mediocre or of low quality. I'm not sure if this is a bad thing, it depends on the positioning of my channel.

I have had this channel for five years now, and during my university days, the content I posted was more technical. But at some point, it gradually turned into a channel focused on ACG reviews. (Is it because of the harsh reality?) Most of the time, I treat my channel as a place to record my immature thoughts and talk to myself. Compared to the open scene of Twitter, I prefer the more secretive environment of a channel.

"Intelligence Strong (Intelligence Expert)" and "Intelligence Communicator" refer to individuals who are proficient in collecting intelligence, able to obtain the latest information in a timely manner, master a large amount of information, and possess useful and accurate intelligence. On the other hand, individuals who are not good at gathering intelligence and have a weak accuracy of gathered intelligence are referred to as "Intelligence Weak (Intelligence Weakling)" - Intelligence Strong - Moegirlpedia, the encyclopedia of everything moe

I first came across this term when I was watching "Chaos;Child".

I know that I am an intelligence weakling. Most of the time, when I write articles and think, I do so with insufficient research and information. As a result, I often find that "the questions I think about every day are actually very naive". Many times, the things I think so hard about have already been well defined and solved in some book. For example, in the tuna mirror source group, I see them discussing technologies that I am not familiar with every day. And every time I ask a question, I find that some of my questions are considered common knowledge even by their undergraduate students.

I finally understand what "to think but not to learn is perilous" means, and I am a classic example of this. => Only thinking without learning will ultimately lead to nothing, exhausting one's spirit. Yes, I am someone who hasn't read many books but constantly outputs my thoughts. That's why I attach great importance to this "personal information flow planning" this time. I want to improve this situation.

But it doesn't mean that "every sentence I output is correct, perfect, and well-researched". Perhaps I can polish the content I output through enough processes and do sufficient research and reading of relevant books beforehand. But the result of this may be that I will never have any output again~ After all, according to my personality, either I start writing on the last day of each month, or I will never have a perfect day. I shouldn't be timid when doing these things.

So, most of the time, my tg channel is filled with various rough, immature, or even foolish ideas. But perhaps that is precisely the characteristic of my channel.

I don't want to try to understand everything in the world. For example, I am not very interested in politics and current affairs, but sometimes I have to know, otherwise I might not even know when the chairman changes. However, in such cases, wouldn't it be enough to know a friend who is highly politically sensitive?

Farewell, Frelia - The Philosophy of Lifespan - Mutual Understanding between Species#

Because human life is short, it must not be wasted. With the infinite lifespan of elves, one can procrastinate for thousands of years~ Yes, I watched it again this week. There are two aspects of this work that attract me:

  • Philosophy of Lifespan: This is the core concept of this work. The average lifespan of a hamster is only 2-3 years, much shorter than the lifespan of cats and dogs that can accompany humans for more than ten years (heartbreaking).
  • Mutual Understanding between Different Species: This is the second aspect that attracts me, and it is actually the underlying concept of this work. Many works have touched on this, and Huangjinxiang Marha reminded me of the Awakeners in "The Great Sword".
  • Casual Chat about Farewell, Frelia - Huangjinxiang - PTT Bulletin Board: The elves lack the emotion of love, but the demons cannot understand malice yet can understand love. Indeed, there are more demons than elves~


Why I Like Reading Duku#

I have always liked the Duku series. I have been subscribing to it for four years, opting for the largest package, but I have only been able to digest about 1/3 of it. However, I have always struggled with how to introduce Duku to others. It's difficult for me to define it, and I can only describe it as "a magazine with longer texts".

But recently, I have gradually come to understand it, thanks to a comment on Duku on Douban, saying that the recent content of Duku is becoming more like "Storytelling". This, along with my recent understanding of the concept of non-fiction literature, made me realize that Duku should be considered as a non-fiction storytelling magazine.

As the saying goes, "A different trade is like a different mountain." People's lives in different environments are vastly different. The most attractive aspect of Duku for me lies in its portrayal of the lives and thoughts of people who are different from me.

This is different from watching anime or TV series. The articles in Duku are real and lack dramatic elements. Yes, it should be more accurate to say that "it is not fiction literature". This is what makes it unique.

There are actually people in the world who have done these things.

PS. I have also started learning from Pseudoyu, and I have started watching documentaries during lunchtime. Documentaries also have this nature.

Work Evaluation and Rating Criteria (Draft) - Anime Genre?#

Occasionally, I use tools like Douban to record the ratings and post-reading impressions of various works. Here, I will briefly establish my rating criteria (this will be placed in the Review section later).

10: Mind-blowing. This is subjective and influenced by personal factors. It gives a strong first impression. Examples include "Sunny Boy", "The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya", "No Game No Life" Volume 6, "Steins;Gate".
9: Representative of the Genre. Examples include the "Monogatari Series", "Land of the Lustrous", "From the New World", "Gurren Lagann", "Puella Magi Madoka Magica".
8: Worth Watching. Works that are recommended to watch. Examples include "Cyberpunk: Edgerunners", "Code Geass", "Dorohedoro", "Black Rock Shooter".
7: Average. Works that I don't regret watching. Examples include "Dorohedoro", "Black Rock Shooter", "Little Witch Academia", "Super Cub".
6: Partially Good. Some parts are good, but certain plot elements make me uncomfortable. Examples include "Kamen Rider Saber", "ALDNOAH.ZERO", "Tokyo Revengers", "Charlotte".
5: Waste of Time. Not worth watching, a waste of time. Many low-level fanservice anime fall into this category. Is it considered leaving after pulling up your pants? Examples include "Bishoujo Shinigami Hiki Himechane!", "World's End Harem".
<4: No Rating. Ratings below five have no rating rights and will not be evaluated. My brain doesn't want to remember them.

On Douban, I usually round up the ratings. No, actually, my original intention was not to rate ACG. I just used it as an example because it's the only knowledge I have~ 😢

Random Thoughts#

  • "World's End Harem": Why is it called "World's End Harem"? I think "World's End Harem" sounds cooler. I was only attracted by the cover every time, but the story and everything else didn't engage my brain.
  • Do all languages have the same words? | Hacker News: Interesting discussion on the origins of various words.
  • Online Markdown Editor_WeChat Official Account Markdown Formatting Tool: Can I bring back my WeChat official account? But it's not necessary anymore.
  • Progress is not always progress; it can also be regress. However, what I perceive as regress today is actually progress because my knowledge has expanded, leading me to believe that it is regress. But this is also a form of progress. From being unaware of my ignorance to becoming aware of it. (Spoiler: It's confusing, but that's the meaning)
  • Procreate Dreams | Hacker News: Maybe I should take a look at Procreate's new software for animation.

Elegant Self-Checklist#

This is mainly the checklist from The Philosophy of Elegance: Sleep + Keep + Toggl Track

This week was a bit messy, but I was in good spirits.

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