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2308-5- Cherish Others' Criticism

This week's journal is just a little bit.

Cherish the people who criticize you around you#

Many young people are afraid to share, fearing criticism. But in fact, every criticism is an opportunity for growth. Just like those who deliberately challenge masters, although they lose, they also learn the real skills. So be bold in sharing, be bold in learning, and don't be afraid of making a fool of yourself.

However, it is more common for others to criticize without educating. After all, most people feel that educating you is a waste of their time. You need to make others believe that you are worth educating.

I kind of miss one of my college classmates, who often pointed out many of my problems. But at that time, I thought he was too harsh, so I distanced myself from him. Instead, I played with a group of pigeon classmates. Looking back, I missed out on many opportunities for growth at that time. After working, it is more like "I'm too lazy to criticize you."

What did I watch? Or what did I use?#

The progress of the software should be considered as my perceived familiarity with this software.

Work & Product NameMediumProgressRatingComment
Kamen Rider SaberTV Show100%6/10The first Kamen Rider series I watched from start to finish. Originally could have given a sympathy score of 7, until Jing and Shu raised their hands with a gesture of 1000-7~
Funeral LilyMangaChapter 1118/10Should have no problem becoming the dominant force of the next season, "That one-thousandth of an age has changed you, Furenlian"
Tears of the KingdomGame25%9/10Made some progress this week. Completed the independent mission of Weida => bought a house => found a newspaper => unlocked the big spoilerMom elf. Next week, I have to defeat the temple.


Elegant Self-Checklist#

This is mainly the checklist from Elegant Philosophy

  • Sleep: Still maintaining the state of "not wanting to reach tomorrow".
  • Exercise: The first few days were actually good, but I indulged in eating and drinking a lot this weekend, which ruined it.
  • Time allocation: I went on a binge this weekend and finished reading "Funeral Lily" from scratch. It indirectly took up the time for "Tears of the Kingdom".
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