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2308-3 - Input and Output - TIL - Water Temple


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Simple weekly journal, still the same as always, no real-life activities

Due to the length of the original article, I moved my thoughts after reading to => "Deepening Understanding of Learned Content Through Writing"

What did I watch? or What did I use?#

Works & Products#

The progress of the software should be considered as my familiarity with this software

Works & ProductsMediumProgressRatingComments
Temple of SilenceAnimation40%...A bit slow, but I feel like I can continue watching
Blue SeaManga10%...Why are there so many scenes with naked muscular men? It's hard for me to like it
Inari, Konkon, Koi IrohaManga10%7.5Pretty good, but not particularly outstanding. It's not a work that I really like. It has a strong sense of deja vu
Tears of the KingdomGame15%>91. Hishiro, why do you always go without me? Can't you take me with you? I've been jumping for so long to get up here, and you're already there
2. Finally cleared the Water Temple
InoreaderSoftware60%8Looks much more professional than Feedly. So I migrated to Inoreader.
Toggl TrackSoftware60%8Using it, it's becoming indispensable
ReadwiseSoftware50%7Expensive, and it doesn't feel quite right to use
1PasswordSoftware95%91. 1Password is worth the price, it's really useful. The software I develop should be as good as this.
2. Uh oh, after using 1Password to manage my SSH keys, it's so convenient that I've turned off the native SSH agent ~~




  • 'I've got nothing to hide' and other misunderstandings of privacy (2007) | Hacker News: Although many people say "I have nothing to hide," that is not the reason why we should not care about privacy.
  • The first messenger without user IDs | Hacker News: Another encrypted messaging app, this one not only encrypts the content of the messages but also keeps the users' IP addresses confidential. While this kind of encrypted communication software that allows users to hide their identities is technically feasible, the problem lies in the legal issues. Many countries and regions may prohibit such communication systems that cannot be monitored.
  • WJ.16: Personal Information Flow Sharing - Airing: Very cultured, compared to him, my articles are really vulgar. I understand now, this feeling is called self-contempt.
  • Is this a good book for me, now? | Hacker News: Thoughts on reading, I usually prefer reading over audiobooks, but if I don't want to finish a book, I will listen to the remaining parts as an audiobook while working. 😄 Yes, actually, the value of each book varies for different people at different times. That's one of the main points of this article.
  • Best Practices for Designing a Pragmatic RESTful API | Vinay Sahni: An article on the best practices for designing RESTful APIs from ten years ago, still relevant for reference when designing APIs.
  • Miami 2023: Other people's travel experiences, a wonderful life. I haven't even been abroad yet~~
  • $ HOME, not so sweet $HOME | Hacker News: This is the first time I learned about the XDG specifications from here, which mainly define the file directory for CLI software. Those with CLI experience can take a look. There was a heated discussion on Hacker News.
    Then I looked at my HOME directory, can I understand that these are the software that is making a mess in my HOME directory?


Random Thoughts#

  1. I don't really like using Telegram as my information hub. Although to some extent, I do use it that way, but I feel like it might make the channels more like bots than real people. I personally prefer to speak loudly in Telegram rather than on Twitter. Speaking on Twitter feels like shouting in a park. (Spoiler: As for WeChat Moments, it's too closed and full of relatives, friends, and colleagues).
  2. Who owns the user data, the users or us? For example, if we obtain a user's GitHub information, should we promise to delete the user's information after they cancel their account? I'm constantly thinking about these kinds of things, and I don't want to think about them alone. I want someone to discuss them with me. (Spoiler: Call my boss).
  3. I understand another characteristic of myself. When arguing with others about something that cannot be logically proven and does not affect my interests, I tend to give up the discussion.
  4. This week, I posted an article about using ssh-agent, and based on the comments, 1Password is really great.
  5. I've been using RSS for five years -> I've been following DIYGod for four years -> I started using rsshub in 2021 -> I started using xLog in 2023.
  6. This week, I mainly organized and reflected on my input and output workflow. I have enough input in terms of short articles, but I still lack input from books.

Planned Articles for the Next Two Months#

These are the articles I plan to write for the next two months, but there may be changes, but most likely it will be like this (Spoiler: Corresponding files have been created, but most of them are just casual articles).


Things to Consider When Writing Software:#

  • A11Y: Accessibility, refers to designing and creating websites and applications that can be used by everyone, including people with disabilities. For example, allowing blind people to use software through voice.
  • l10n: Localization, similar to i18n (internationalization).
  • GDPR: General Data Protection Regulation, a European Union legislation that came into effect on May 25, 2018. The main goal of GDPR is to protect personal data security on the internet and give individuals more control over their personal data.

There are too many things to consider~~

🗄  Ensure data is backed up, users can't handle data loss
🗑  Allow users to delete their data at any time, including data in backups
📲 Allow users to download their own data and metadata to comply with GDPR requirements
📚 Design your storage system to comply with laws such as HIPAA, FISA, and EU data localization policies
🚂 Migrate existing user data as the storage system changes
📊 Monitor the backend for downtime events, quota usage, and security vulnerabilities
👮 Control and audit customer-permitted access to user data


Mentally chanting, these will be automatically generated later

Sleep - Sleep to be Saved#


Keep - Keep Going#


Toggl Track#

Writing articles took a lot of time, and many things were not recorded properly. It takes time to get used to it.


I feel like I need to control the length and writing time of my articles, they are too long and not of good quality~~

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