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Some Self-Commitments About Writing Articles#

Why write articles? Actually, I write articles not for anything else, but for thinking. By organizing my thoughts into words, I can more easily examine my own viewpoints. And why publish articles? If I only write articles for myself to read, there will be no progress. It's very likely that what I write for myself will satisfy and be understood by myself in just 30 minutes. But when I share it with others, it becomes nothing. I often fall into the trap of "I thought I had figured it out, but I actually haven't figured it out at all." By publishing and trying to explain it to others, I am forcing myself to constantly question myself, "Have I really figured it out? Does this make sense? Is there a better way to express it?" So, to sum it up, think, think deeply.

So how often should I write? I know a former colleague who writes a diary every day and publishes it on a public account, which is admirable. But I think I'll stick to writing a weekly journal. Although I record fragments every day, if I'm required to go through the process of "clarifying my thoughts => organizing and formatting => making the sentences smooth => checking for typos" every day before publishing, it would be too tiring. And I don't like treating X (Twitter) as a circle of friends, sharing a little bit of content every day. Therefore, I have decided to adjust the frequency of writing to once a week, writing a weekly journal.

However, the weekly journal is just scattered material of my thoughts, and to integrate these materials into a complete work, I need another approach. Therefore, I have decided to publish a themed random work at another time point each week, which is Wednesday. These themes may vary, and some may be more challenging and require more time to brew. Although the quality of these articles may be average, I believe they will gradually improve as I continue to work hard.

Taking into account the above factors, I have set a goal of writing two articles per week for myself:

  1. Random Topics (Wednesday): The range of these topics is wide, sometimes just a short paragraph, sometimes involving longer topics. The more difficult the article is to write, the more time it may take from conception to completion. However, considering my current accumulation of materials, it should be possible to publish an article on a random topic every week within six months (although I can't guarantee the quality). The Random Topics of the Month also fall into this category. In fact, I have already published articles on the random topics of the first two months, one is VA-11 Hall-A, and the other is Apple Game Porting Toolkit. If you count "Little Sadness", I have already published three short articles on xLog.
  2. Weekly Journal (Sunday evening): Similar to the article you are currently reading, my weekly journal will record my thoughts, observations, and actions during the week. Unfortunately, I may not republish my previous weekly journals, as these scattered materials have not been organized into works with specific themes, so they may not have high readability when presented.

But I can list the previous titles, which are actually the keywords of my week (Are you satisfied with your curiosity?). They are listed in reverse chronological order, and can be traced back to the time when I first started writing blogs with Hexo. I will collapse them here to avoid excessive length.

Click here to view

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CleanShot 2023-08-05 at 11.14.53@2x

CleanShot 2023-08-05 at 11.19.26@2x

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CleanShot 2023-08-05 at 11.24.49@2x

CleanShot 2023-08-05 at 11.25.37@2x

In summary, these self-commitments have found a balance for me, allowing me to find a more organized and purposeful way of expression in writing, without exhausting myself in daily tasks, and still maintaining a consistent writing habit.
(This can be considered my inventory? But actually, there are not many articles that I can proudly present~)


Random Thoughts#

⭐ Indicates topics that can be further discussed in separate articles.

A Week with xLog#

I have the kind of "easily liking various things" constitution: I found that I am addicted to xLog, staring at the not-so-high reading count every day and getting excited. I need to limit myself and only check it at night. Whenever someone posts a few articles, I will click on them to read. It seems that I also have a tendency to be interested in other people's boring lives. It was the same when I watched anime and read manga. Every time I would say, "Ah, this is good," and then next time I would say, "Wow, this is better than the previous one." I'm just one step away from saying that every work is my true love.

xLog is really a place for mutual warmth, and many people there are young bloggers who have just started writing. Everyone likes to give each other likes and haha (even though there are also many articles like mine, which are not that great). But I believe that those who take others seriously will gradually be taken seriously by others. In xLog, you can also see many talented people and their different lives and technologies, which really fascinates me.

I didn't expect that "Elegant Philosophy-v1" would become my most liked article. I intended to make it a constraint to regulate my own behavior. "Maximizing the enhancement of Nen ability by publicly announcing Nen ability information." It's similar to the rules of vows and restrictions in Hunter x Hunter, which can be summed up as the setting that awareness/effort and risk bring about enhancement.

When I wrote an article about the game porting toolkit this week, I received no feedback, which was quite disappointing. Our boss was right, timeliness and reproducibility are very important for tutorials. It's difficult to write something perfect without the widespread use and feedback from readers.

Challenges of Working with Others#

Bad Prompt = Bad Results: Right, puppeteer, stand-in, and this Dorothy is the original, and the next-door Anna is the stand-in.

It's not just GPT, it's the same with work. Many times, without good communication, what we produce is just a pile of shit. Finally, on Friday, my collaborators and I were called in by the boss for a talk. Persecution delusion: Yes, I often imagine all kinds of possibilities that "I might be fired." This is a characteristic of people with severe self-doubt, it's really... Although I am also a master of slacking off in various senses.

Why do I feel dissatisfied? Is it because I have too high expectations for my life? Actually, this is a kind of courage, and endurance is also a kind of courage. But because I have already found the meaning of my life, I can choose not to care about these things.

About the descriptions of the features I write every day? 🤣


Switching to Fastmail for Email#

Why I use Fastmail: Yes, I have changed my primary email to Fastmail. I can write in detail about the trade-offs later. And I have also changed all the accounts that were previously linked to my Gmail to use Fastmail. As for the reasons?

  1. The alias feature is useful, finally getting rid of the tradition of having 4 switch numbers and 4 email addresses. I can even have a random email address for each service.
  2. It can be linked to my own domain. It's actually quite good.
  3. (Maybe I can come up with more reasons?)

I also took this opportunity to set up MFA authentication and random passwords for various websites, finally making use of the advanced features of 1Password. Actually, Apple's Keychain has most of the corresponding features, and I'm starting to wonder if 1Password is a bit redundant for me.


The following are topics that are easy for me to write about. I will write about them in the future.

  • Encrypting SSH Private Keys: This week, I encrypted my previous SSH private keys. Then I wrote a script to check the SSH agent every time the shell starts. Using an SSH agent is recommended for everyone.
  • The Charm of Dropdown Terminals: This is a topic that I can write about easily in a short article. (I'll make a note here.) I really like being able to summon a terminal with just one F1 key for work.
  • Why do people think oh-my-zsh is useful? What configurations does it provide? This is a topic that I can write about in the future.
  • Usage Records of Various Software, Tools, and Services: Actually, you can tell a lot about a person's taste from the software they use. I will write about it later.

News Reading#



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