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OCSP Service

OCSP (Online Certificate Status Protocol) is a network protocol used to obtain the validity status of X.509 digital certificates. For example, when a user tries to access a bank's website, their browser sends a request to the Certificate Authority (CA) through OCSP to confirm if the SSL certificate of the website is still valid and has not been revoked. If the certificate is revoked, such as due to a leaked key, the OCSP response informs the browser, and the browser will then block the user from accessing the website to protect them from fraud or data leakage risks. However, the OCSP service itself may also face latency and privacy issues because it needs to check the certificate status in real-time before the user accesses a secure website. To address these issues, the OCSP Stapling technique has emerged. This technique allows websites to provide a timestamped copy of the certificate status during the TLS handshake, reducing the direct requests to the CA, improving efficiency, and enhancing privacy. Not all clients enable OCSP by default. For example, the curl client based on OpenSSL does not enable OCSP, while the one based on Windows schannel does enable it. Additionally, Google Chrome has disabled OCSP since 2012 due to latency and privacy concerns, opting for its own update mechanism to synchronize certificate revocation information. 🔗 OCSP - Wikipedia | #OCSP #DigitalCertificates #WebsiteSecurity #SSLVerification #InternetSecurity #from_telegram
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